Emergency Dentistry in Livonia, MI

At Willow Wood Dental, we understand the importance of getting dental care in Livonia, MI when you need it. Dental emergencies rarely strike at convenient times. This can make it challenging to get in to see your family dentist.

That’s why we’re here. We provide emergency dentistry in Livonia, MI and the surrounding areas so that everyone has access to professional dental care when they need it the most. When you choose us for your needs, you’re getting caring dentists near you who specialize in treating dental emergencies.

Don’t delay in getting the treatment you deserve. If you are struggling with tooth pain or another dental emergency, call or stop in Willow Wood Dental to see our dentists in Livonia, MI. The next time you need emergency dentistry, you can count on us being here for you.

We happily accept patients of all ages, so don’t hesitate to seek our services if you or a loved one has a dental emergency.

What Is It?

Emergency dentistry is a special service that provides care to patients who need immediate dental attention. Our services are here when you can’t get in to see your regular dentist, whether due to your emergency happening after hours or you can’t wait to be seen.

Any trauma to the jaw area is considered a dental emergency. Come see us if your:

  • Tooth is causing you pain
  • Dental crown is broken
  • Gums are bleeding
  • Tooth is abscessed
  • Tooth is infected
  • Braces broke

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call or stop in today. Our dedicated staff will work hard to provide you with prompt, professional emergency dental care.

Who Needs Emergency Dentistry?

If you are faced with a dental emergency, acting fast can make the difference between losing and saving your tooth. Infections, for example, should be treated immediately to prevent additional complications from occurring.

Left untreated, the infection in your tooth can spread to other areas of your body, putting you in serious danger. Anyone suspecting that they have an infection should make an appointment or stop into our office for assistance.