Dental Veneers in Livonia, MI

If you are tired of how your teeth look, dental veneers can give you both the beauty and protection your teeth need for an attractive smile. If you have problem teeth and need veneers near you, call the specialists at Willow Wood Dental for quality, beautiful veneers in Livonia, MI.

Our dentists near you can help you attain the smile you’ve always wanted using this advanced treatment option. If you’re ready to meet with our dentists in Livonia, MI, call Willow Wood Dental to speak with a member of our caring staff.

We will be happy to schedule you an appointment. We look forward to helping you improve your smile and hope to hear from you soon.

What Is It?

Veneers are special cosmetic dental coverings that look and feel like real teeth. These coverings are made using durable, long-lasting compounds. With the right care, veneers can provide you with use for 20 or more years!

Teeth that are badly decayed, damaged, or broken can benefit from dental veneers. Thanks to the added strength provided by veneers, you can enjoy the foods you love without fear of further damage to your teeth.

Veneers are great for fixing teeth that are crooked or misaligned. With this safe and effective treatment option, you can look forward to a stunning smile that provides a better function of your teeth.

Who Needs Veneers?

Anyone who isn’t happy with the appearance or use of their teeth may benefit from veneers. During your initial consultation with our dentists, we will thoroughly examine your teeth to better determine if veneers are a good fit for your needs.

If you need additional dental work before you can get veneers, our dentists will outline a treatment plan based on your needs.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

It takes about a month to complete treatment for dental veneers. This gives our dentists time to prepare your problem tooth so that it can safely and comfortably accept the new veneer.

We will match up the veneer compound to ensure that it matches the appearance of your natural tooth color. Soon, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with your new dental veneers.