Tooth Extractions in Livonia, MI

Here at Willow Wood Dental, we provide safe and effective tooth extractions in Livonia, MI. Our dedicated staff understands that this can be challenging for some patients. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that everyone is comfortable and relaxed during their visit.

If you need extractions near you, come to Willow Wood Dental. Our dentist in Livonia, MI, specializes in safely removing problem teeth. When you choose us for your needs, you can look forward to having dentists near you who will provide compassionate dental care.

Don’t let your fear of extractions keep you from getting the care you need for healthier teeth. Call us today to see can schedule you for a consultation with our accomplished team. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!

What Is It?

Extractions are dental procedures that serve to remove teeth that are problematic for the patients. Some patients require extractions when a tooth is badly decayed or damaged. If you believe you need to have a tooth removed, it’s important to seek dental attention as soon as you can. It’s possible that the tooth may be able to be saved.

If our dentists determine that there is no way to save your tooth after examining it, they will then perform the extraction. If you are suffering from pain and discomfort, an extraction will relieve you of your suffering.

Most extractions are quick and easy procedures. Once you are sufficiently numbed from the medication, it takes only a few minutes to safely remove your tooth.

Who Needs Extractions?

Dental extractions are needed for a variety of reasons. In some instances, a patient who is getting braces may require an extraction to allow their other teeth to straighten properly. Some other common reasons for extractions include:

  • The patient has an infected tooth
  • The patient needs dental bridges
  • The patient’s teeth are crowding
  • Getting partials or full dentures
  • Getting dental implants
  • A tooth has broken
  • Tooth decay

If you or a loved one needs a tooth extraction, call Willow Wood Dental so we can get you in for a consultation with our experienced dentists.