Dental Crowns in Livonia, MI

Looking for friendly and knowledgeable dentists near you who can restore your teeth with dental crowns? Come to Willow Wood Dental, where our dedicated staff works hard to provide you with the best crowns in Livonia, MI.

When you elect to have dental crowns, you can look forward to restoring your damaged or decayed teeth to both their function and form. We specialize in cosmetic treatment and dental crowns near you at Willow Wood Dental. By choosing us, you will get the dental care you deserve.

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What Is It?

Crowns are tooth-shaped caps bonded over bad teeth that have become damaged or decayed. Made from durable, lasting compounds, you can expect your new crowns to provide you with many years of service.

Thanks to the many benefits of dental crowns, your treated tooth will be returned to its natural shape and serve its natural function. Additionally, the health and hygiene of your teeth will be immensely improved, as well.

Patients with damaged teeth are often forced to avoid certain kinds of food out of fear of pain and discomfort. Dental crowns remedy this concern and enable you to return to the foods you love! Some patients even experience improved speech and better pronunciation of words.

Who Needs Crowns?

Our patients elect crowns for many reasons. Some wish to give strength to a weakened tooth, while others need dental crowns to rebuild a tooth that has worn down after years of use. Crowns can even protect a tooth that has just had a root canal.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Our dentists perform most dental crown treatments in about 2 hours. Our specialists make sure that your crown is crafted to match your natural tooth color during this time. Your crown will be bonded to your problem tooth when ready, restoring both its form and function.

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