Myths About Dental Sealants in Livonia, MI – Debunked!

Myths About Dental Sealants in Livonia, MI – Debunked!

July 10, 2020

Many adult patients still seek treatments for cavities despite the emergence of fluoride and regular dental checkups. These two procedures are both vital in maintaining the excellent shape of the overall oral health; however, dental caries is tough. They can gather in the teeth regardless of how the patient practice proper oral hygiene daily. In instances like this, extra protection for the teeth is needed.

Dental sealants in Livonia are what we at Willow Wood Dental recommend to our patients. It is a preventive treatment that keeps the teeth protected from cavities. Sealants are explicitly applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth where decays commonly form. Through this proactive approach, patients are sure to embrace healthy smiles for long years.

Common Misconceptions About Dental Sealants

Many people may still delay their chance of getting sealants despite the many benefits it offers. Perhaps, their hesitations are due to the misconceptions that surround the treatment. We at Willow Wood Dental believe that everyone, children or adults, should safeguard their overall oral health against the harmful impacts of cavities. Our goal is to correct the myths associated with dental sealants as a way of encouraging people to consider dental sealant treatment.

Myth #1 – The application of sealants is painful

One of the reasons why patients refused to acquire dental sealants is because they think that the procedure hurts. The truth is, the way the dentist near you applies these coatings are gentle, noninvasive, and straightforward.

Myth #2 – Only children can get dental sealants

Again, everyone is encouraged to avail of the treatment. Those whose teeth have deep grooves and pits can take advantage of the procedure.

Myth # 3 – Sealants look awkward on the teeth

Others worry about looking funny with sealants. They assume that the coatings can make their teeth appear unpleasant. However, dental sealants are entirely invisible, and they bond quickly on the teeth – the total aesthetics of the smile are therefore preserved!

Myth # 4 – It costs more to invest in sealants

Another fiction about dental sealants is that only wealthy individuals can afford the treatment. In reality, sealants are considered the most affordable teeth protector. Besides, isn’t it more expensive to treat the impacts of cavities in the long run?

If you want to maintain a healthy smile, dental sealants should be your best friend. It is the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective treatment that ensures the state of the pearly whites.