Mouth Guards: Are They Really Worth It?

Mouth Guards: Are They Really Worth It?

August 6, 2020

When playing sports, athletes are committed to staying fit and healthy. They perform certain exercises to keep their excellent shape at all times. However, even if they are less likely to suffer from colds or flu, they are more vulnerable to trauma and accidents. People who play contact sports should take precautionary measures to ensure their safety while playing the game they love. However, with all the preparations and actions made, accidents can still happen.

Athletes should not only secure their uniforms and other sports devices. As much as possible, they should also wear pads for their shins, shoulders, knees, elbow, and even a helmet. And there is one more thing that they should never forget—mouth guards!

Aside from protecting their body parts, they should also take their mouths into account. Their teeth, lips, and other oral structures should be protected at all times to prevent the need for complicated dental procedures. However, not just any mouth guard will do. Read on!

Types of Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guard

This appliance can be easily purchased in both drug stores and sports counter. The mouth guards are ready to use once purchased; however, they are not ideal for athletes. They come in one size, so most patients do not have any choice but to wear a loose or tightly fitted device. As a result, the mouth guard will not be able to offer the best protection and coverage for the teeth.

Boil and bite mouth guard

The device is easily purchased in the form of a thermoplastic material that needs to be heated. Once it is ready, the patient should bite into the material and manipulate it to form their own measurement. Compared to the former option, it offers a better fit; however, it can still be too bulky for the athlete.

Custom mouth guard

As its name suggests, this type of protector is personalized for each patient. Dentists would take the patient’s impression to create the best-fitted device to provide adequate protection for the teeth and other oral structures. Since it requires the expertise of a professional, the appliance is only available in the dental office.

At Willow Wood Dental, we carefully take accurate impressions to provide the perfect fit and coverage that every athlete needs. We are committed to providing our patients with the best services in any way that we can, so we offer them, custom-made mouth guards. It is to support them in the things they love while keeping their oral health healthy.

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