Gum Disease and Its Treatment in Livonia, MI

Gum Disease and Its Treatment in Livonia, MI

July 3, 2020

The occurrence of bleeding gums is never normal. Many people who experience this think that gums tend to bleed when brushing and flossing. While it is true to those first-timers and returnee flossers, this should not occur regularly. As soon as the condition arises, it is best to seek the assistance of a dentist in Livonia since it can already be a sign of gum disease!

Gingivitis is the earliest and mildest form of gum disease. It is characterized by red, swollen, and sore gums that bleed easily. The good news is that this stage can be easily reversed. However, if proper measures are not taken, it can progress into advanced periodontitis.

Advanced periodontitis not only affects the gums; it can extend below the gum line and cause the jawbone to deteriorate. Once the bone in the jaw slowly declines, the patient will be at a higher risk of tooth loss. Other oral complications like halitosis, gum recession, and gingival pockets may also take place.

At Willow Wood Dental, we want to educate our patients about gum disease and for them to become aware of their oral health condition. We understand that the problem can occur silently as its symptoms usually emerge when the infection has evolved into its advanced stage. Taking precautionary measures before any symptom starts to show works best. If signs are already present, we still got you covered!

The earliest stages of the disease can be treated with Scaling and Root Planning. It is a procedure performed by the dentist to clean the teeth thoroughly. Unlike the usual professional dental cleanings, scaling and root planing provides a deeper and more thorough clean.

Scaling is the removal of harmful substances on the teeth surface. On the other hand, root planing is the process of cleaning the root surface and removal of infected tooth structures. The procedure promotes the reattachment of the gums into the teeth to prevent the recurrence of gum disease.

Dentists highly recommend patients practice proper dental hygiene and care at home. Scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkups would also work best for them to keep track of the patient’s overall oral health condition.

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