Getting to Know More About Dental Bridges

Getting to Know More About Dental Bridges

September 17, 2020

Missing teeth is a nightmare to anyone who experiences it, that is why people do their best to avoid it. Everyone needs to take extra precautions in preventing problems that may cause the teeth to deteriorate. Some of the most common reasons for people to need a dental bridge is the development of tooth decay or the practice of bad oral hygiene. Thankfully, there are now several treatment options available to replace lost teeth. If a removable dental appliance is not the most favorable approach for a patient, we at Willow Wood Dental offer dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge?

It is a type of dental restoration which, as its name implies, bridges the gap caused by missing teeth. In a traditional dental bridge, fake teeth (pontics) are used to serve as a replacement for lost teeth with dental crowns on both ends to act as anchors. If the teeth adjacent to the gap are strong and healthy enough, they can serve as the abutment, but if not, dental implants can be used.

Why would a patient need a dental bridge?

The main reason is if they are missing one or more teeth. This particular dental restoration option restores the look of one’s smile by replacing lost teeth with a natural-looking prosthesis. Aside from granting an aesthetically pleasing teeth replacement, dental crowns also help in restoring or maintaining a patient’s ability to chew, bite, and speak, as well as preserve their proper bite and facial structure. By replacing the teeth lost, it will stop the adjacent teeth from drifting into the spaces—causing a person’s bite to change.

What to expect

Dental bridges are one of the popular options in replacing lost teeth, which can usually be completed in just two visits. The initial appointment is for the adjacent teeth that will serve as an abutment to be prepared and filed down to fit the dental crowns (anchors). Impressions are then taken to serve as a model for the laboratory to fabricate a permanent dental bridge that fits perfectly over the spaces where teeth are lost. While waiting for the creation of the bridge, a temporary prosthesis will be worn by the patient. During the second appointment, the permanent dental bridge is fitted, adjusted, and attached in the mouth.

Quick Facts

  • It is possible to get a dental bridge for one to three consecutive teeth missing
  • Availing of a dental bridge helps preserve the proper alignment of the teeth
  • With proper care, dental bridges can last for decades
  • Although dental bridges are made from materials that are not prone to decay, they still require attention and proper care since the abutment teeth are still susceptible
  • Ask your dentist for the appropriate floss to use and the ideal techniques to follow when caring for the dental bridge

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