Four Significant Questions to Ask During a Dental Visit

Four Significant Questions to Ask During a Dental Visit

August 20, 2020

Dental visits are crucial for a healthy mouth and teeth. Appointments should be booked regularly to prevent oral problems from arising. Establishing excellent communication between the dentist and patient maximizes dental health care. If the patient has questions on their mind, they should not be afraid to ask. Spending some time to ask dental professionals about these questions is an excellent way to get to know more about one’s oral state.

At Willow Wood Dental, we encourage patients to take advantage of our regular dental checkups service and also take this opportunity to ask everything they need to know about their oral health. Rest assured that our team is ready to provide them with answers for better oral health awareness.

Here are four questions a patient may want to ask during their next dental visit:

“What is the state of my overall oral health?”

After a thorough examination at the dentist’s office, this is an important question to ask. The dentist should then inform the patient if there is something wrong. After answering this, necessary instructions and tips may be provided so that if potential issues arise, the patient will know how to take action.

“Are there signs that I grind my teeth?”

The majority of people who grind their teeth at night are actually not aware of its occurrence. Luckily, this can be picked up by the dentist during a dental visit, but patients should also mention the presence of headaches or popping of the jawline. Asking the dentist if there are any symptoms makes it possible for patients to take action by seeking a customized oral appliance.

“Are there ways to brush my teeth better?”

By asking this question, the door opens for helpful suggestions which leads to improvements. For example, a patient may already be doing a good job brushing their teeth, but they can improve by accessing more of the hard to reach spots. Improving brushing techniques makes future visits go much smoother than before.

“What is the right way to floss?”

This question might seem silly, but it is actually essential. Flossing seems easy and feels easy, and yet, there are still people who do it wrong. Flossing the wrong way leads to the failure in removing bacteria and may even damage the sensitive tissues in between the teeth. It’s not that easy to maneuver the floss, so asking questions about it is beneficial.

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