Facts to Know About Your Dental Crowns in Livonia, MI

Facts to Know About Your Dental Crowns in Livonia, MI

June 10, 2020

Perhaps, you have heard about dental crowns in Livonia – a tooth-shaped cap placed over the damaged or decayed tooth. But maybe, you still want to learn more about it. Whether you are curious about what crowns are, how they can benefit you, and what procedures are involved in the treatment, it’s time to dig in the facts. Before you go to Willow Wood Dental and set an appointment, know these pieces of information first.

There’s no difference between caps and crowns.

A crown or cap are two the same thing. You are free to use these terms interchangeably if you want to. Although the crown seems to be a popular word, in case you hear someone says about the cap, remember that they are referring to the same prosthesis as well.

Your teeth can be saved by crowns.

When a tooth is severely decayed, crowns would be a great consideration. Aside from the removal of decayed portions and the placement of a filling after, the dentist also places a crown over the tooth to seal, cover, and protect the applied filling. The process is applicable when tackling with regular cavities or other related treatment.

Crowns and bridges can work together.

Either you’re missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, investing in dental crowns is a good choice. In the case of losing several teeth, the dental professional may use a bridge or create a series of false teeth. The dentist then will position the crown on healthy teeth to serve as the anchor for the dental bridge to be placed.

The appliance can also be a cosmetic solution.

As mentioned, crowns revive the infected or broken tooth and are an excellent medium in addressing a row of missing teeth. But, there is more to it than just restoration. It can also be used to improve the look of a tooth as an aesthetic solution.

They are customized for everyone.

No matter what type of materials you select, crowns are definitely customized for you. After getting a mold of your teeth, the dentist will then send it to an off-site laboratory where the prosthesis is made. The custom-made design aims to provide every patient with a perfectly fitted crown.

Of course, you may want to prefer a natural-looking crown. Guess what? We at Willow Wood Dental offer porcelain made crowns! Among the other types of materials being used for dental crowns, those that are made of porcelain are the most pleasant when it comes to appearance, durability, and reliability.

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