Facts That Every Mouth Guard Users Should Know in Livonia, MI

Facts That Every Mouth Guard Users Should Know in Livonia, MI

October 28, 2020

The 5 foot 6 tall Canadian tennis player, Milos Raonic, admitted in an interview that he uses mouth guard not only at the field when playing sports, but instead wears it all day and when sleeping. He even gets used to talking with it! For him, this useful dental appliance is not just a temporary part of his life. Raonic said, wearing a mouth guard is a forever thing.

Indeed, mouth guard helps every athlete like Milos Raonic effectively conquer the court. However, one doesn’t have to be a world-class sports enthusiast to give their teeth extra protection. Mouth guard, although a favorite of those who play physical games or sports are also beneficial for those who suffer from bruxism. It is a condition which is commonly known as teeth grinding. One who experienced this type of irregularity have the habit of clenching and gnashing their teeth especially when sleeping. There are no known exact causes of bruxism; others believe that it is hereditary while some are convinced that factors like stress and unhealthy lifestyle aggravate the issue.

While the culprits of bruxism are unknown, the solution to it is also unidentified. However, one can always save their teeth from the possible damage caused by teeth grinding or from any other dental injuries. When looking for a quality mouth guard, Willow Wood Dental offers only the best in Livonia, MI.

Mouthguards come in three types: Stock, Boil and Bite, and Custom-made. Stock mouth protectors are ready to wear, inexpensive, and store-bought. Despite being cost-friendly, dentists do not recommend their use because it provides little protection. Boil-and-bite can also be purchased in many sports store and function better than stock mouth guards. Among the three, the custom-made mouth guard is the most reliable and highly approved by the dentist. The materials are top quality, and the fit is perfect since it is customized.

Here are some other facts that everyone needs to know about mouth guards:

  • Mouth guards are only available for the top teeth, except of course for those who wear braces and other fixed dental appliance on the lower teeth and what to protect them.
  • Stock mouth guards cannot withstand long-time use and offer poor fitting.
  • No matter how durable custom-made mouth guards are, like the teeth, they are also subject to wear and tear. Replacing it every six months will ensure maximum teeth protection.
  • Braces wearers can still use mouth guards.

Mouth guards can be a shelter of bacteria if not kept clean. It is advised to wash it after every use with a toothbrush and mild toothpaste. To secure that the dental appliance is in excellent condition, bringing it to the dentist during a regular check-up is essential.

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