Can Dental Implants Be Removed and Replaced With Dentures?

Can Dental Implants Be Removed and Replaced With Dentures?

April 1, 2022

Dental implants are one of the most effective ways to replace a lost tooth. Although an invasive procedure, dental implants are safe and durable. Dental implants can be placed without the assistance of neighboring teeth and can stay in place for a long time. They resemble natural teeth and give a sense of confidence to the patients. You need not shy away due to dental gaps. Dental implants restore aesthetic value and functionality like natural teeth.

The terms dental implants and permanent go hand in hand. The dentist surgically places a titanium post on the jawbones during a dental implant procedure, which fuses in due time. Once the titanium post gets fixed to the jaws and the impact site heals, the dentist attaches artificial teeth called pontic or crowns on the titanium posts mechanically. These crowns are initially temporary until the permanent ones are made.

Reason for Removing Dental Implants

Most patients opt for dental implants instead of dentures due to the various advantages of implants and their lesser impact on their lifestyles. There might be specific issues that would lead to the removal of implants. Some of the reasons for removing dentures are:


Peri-implantitis is the most common implant-related issue that can lead to the removal of implants. Peri-implantitis is most common in patients who have diabetes, smoke, and maintain poor oral health. The issue is caused due to bacterial activity that affects both the pulp and the jawbones.

Dental Implant Misalignment

Incorrect placement of the dental prostheses can lead to the metal post’s protrusion or make the titanium post visible. Such misalignment can lead to incorrect bite and can be aesthetically poor. Dental implants might need to be removed to change the position to cover the dental gaps effectively.

Early and Late Implant Failure

Early dental implant failure refers to the failure of the implant within the first few months of the implant procedure. Implants might fail in the early stage if there is too much movement during the healing process. A late dental implant failure might occur after a year of the implant, and the reason might be dental trauma or infection.

Process Involved Dental Implants Removal

Dental implants may be removed if necessary. This holds true if you have got new dental implants or have been in place for years. But it is to be ensured that the titanium posts are not fused with the jawbones. Implants of the lower jaws are more challenging to be removed and are done under the influence of general anesthesia or sedation dentistry.

The process starts with detaching the crown from the titanium or zirconium post. The next step involves removing the abutment or the mount for the crown. The last step is removing the titanium post from the jawbones. A dentist in Livonia uses a specific tool to connect or latch on the implant. Once connected, the device begins to twist, and the implant comes out of the jawbone.

The dentist might need to remove some of the jawbones around the implant to remove the abutment.

Removing the dental implant is not painful, but you would feel the pressure even under the influence of anesthesia. Medication can reduce your anxiety. The mouth can be tender and swollen after the removal of the implant.

How It Can Be Replaced with Dentures

Everyone can have different reasons for replacing dental implants with dentures, but the switch is possible. Dental implants can be the superior choice, but unforeseen conditions might force the removal of implants. Dentures are alternatives to dental implants, and either full-mouth denture or partial denture can be the option.

Dentures are dental prostheses that can replace lost teeth and are supported by the oral cavity’s adjacent soft and hard tissues. Complete mouth dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, or you have planned to remove the rest of the impacted teeth. Partial dentures are used when you have a few teeth left while others are missing.

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