5 Interesting Facts about White Fillings – Livonia, MI

5 Interesting Facts about White Fillings – Livonia, MI

October 2, 2020

Many people experience tooth damage caused by dental cavities or decay. These teeth enemies are caused by plaque and calculus that has formed in the surface of the teeth and the gum line. Bacteria in the mouth changes the leftover food particles, the starch, and the sugar into acids which erodes the tooth enamel. Plaque is a sticky substance which is formed when the bacteria, food debris, saliva, and the acid combine. Tooth decay created a hole in the tooth structure which results in an unsightly smile. Cavities do not only damage the teeth but contribute to bad breath as well. Willow Wood Dental provides White Fillings for replacing and restoring the tooth structure fractured by tooth decay.

Fact 1: White Fillings bond to the tooth better than other materials

White fillings require less preparation and application time. The composite material is applied after etching the tooth surface with an acidic solution. The process roughen the surface of the tooth making the filling adhere and hold better. In addition, white fillings preserve the natural teeth structure resulting in a stronger, healthier tooth.

Fact 2: White Fillings matches the natural tooth

The composite resin used in white fillings flexes like the regular teeth. Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings have lesser chances of breaking the tooth and the filling itself. White fillings act like the natural teeth; if properly maintained, cleaned, and taken cared of, it would be durable enough and can last longer.

Fact 3: Fillings do not affect the body

Aside from providing protection, better function, and sealing off the cavities of the teeth, White Fillings have no adverse effects to the human body. Today’s composite resin used for fillings are proven safe and effective and has no harmful effects to the tissues surrounding it. These are biocompatible materials, and therefore patients should not fear of toxicity.

Fact 4: White Fillings are Versatile

Dental fillings do not only treat cavities, but it can also be used in chipped, cracked or gapped teeth. The dental process treats small cavities in one brief treatment.

Fact 5: Good Aesthetic Enhancer

The fillings are made of sturdy, durable materials called composite resin. The material has been found to last and hold up well even performing dental activities. It matches the color of the natural teeth and blends with the neighboring teeth; therefore, restorations of the frontal teeth are plausible, but it is still unnoticed. White Fillings are teeth restorations that help in providing better teeth function, strength, appearance, and health.

Suspect you have a cavity? Let us help you restore and regain your teeth’s function. Avail of our White Fillings in Livonia, MI. Contact us to book an appointment with Willow Wood Dental.